Data Driven
Retail Automation
Mon Style combines expert fashion know-how with Deep Learning and A.I. to offer automated and scalable solutions for the fashion retail industry.
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Our Services

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    Interactive Solutions

    Increase retention and gain customer loyalty with an interactive and personal user experience

  2. 2

    Predictive Solutions

    Boost conversions and reduce returns by getting the right product in front of customers

  3. 3

    Data-driven Solutions

    Make the most of your data and grow product engagement with an effective user experience

Individualised Customer Journeys

Get to know your customers

Our integrated shopping assistants are able to get a precise understanding of your customer and give personal advice and assistance in real-time.

Domain-specific Recommendation Engines

Give accurate and personal recommendations

Base your product recommendations on the individual and evolve with their changing preferences and needs

Advanced e-commerce search experiences

Offer a detailed and relevant search experience

Allow customers to refine the search criteria and help them find what they're actually looking for