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In 2020 online shopping is still overwhelming and often leaves customers empty handed and with an unsatisfactory experience. Online Shops and Retailers struggle more and more to retain their customers and cater to their individual needs.

The customer’s demand for constant, personalised, seamless experiences, has skyrocketed

Here at Mon Style, we believe personalisation is the key to create meaningful, unique and satisfactory customer experiences.

With our unique technology, designed specifically for the Fashion & Luxury industry, Mon Style’s mission is to offer personalization on a big scale and help brands and retailers get the right products in front of the right customer. Our complementary services were designed to be easily integrable, data-driven and scalable:

PERSONAL INTERACTION ON A BIG SCALE: Get to know your customer on a next level

Our A.I.-powered virtual assistants and conversational agents are trained domain experts and have been specially designed to serve as an online personal assistant.

Your Benefits:

One-to-one communication: Interact directly with your customers and give them guidance and assistance in real-time.

Rich Customer Data: Get to know meaningful things about your customers and target them according to accurate data

Real-time engagement: React to your customers actions in real-time and keep them engaged

ACCURATE PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS: Provide customers with relevant product suggestions

Our Deep Learning powered Style Engine is able to detect and classify millions of products to deliver product recommendations tailored to the taste of each individual customer.

Your Benefits:

Advanced Product Classification: Label and enhance your fashion catalogs automatically with +80 meaningful and detailed product attributes

Automated Data Correction: Clean your product catalogs and identify and correct falsely labeled data automatically

Personal Recommendation: Predict style accurately and deliver product recommendations tailored to the taste & needs of each individual customer

Evolving over time: Improve product suggestions in real-time by adapting and learning with direct user feedback

Accurate Prediction: Predict what product fits to what customer and why, with the unique interplay of expert fashion algorithms

Automated product matching: Automatically show customers the best matching products to create an outfit or the most similar products

BESPOKE DISCOVERY: make your content easily discoverable

Our advanced search solutions powered by Natural Language Understanding and Deep Learning, have been designed to help customers refine their search criteria and get them to those products they're actually looking for by

Your Benefits:

Enable complex search queries: Allow customers to search over hundreds of data points, allowing customers to narrow down the search and get to relevant results quickly

Enable search through an image: Allow customers to find and discover products by simply uploading or using an image

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